My grandmother entered Hospice care at home two weeks ago. With her need for 24/7 care, it changed the dynamics of our ability to provide care for all those who need it right now. I needed a break from the 24/7 care we had been providing for my mother-in-law. We checked into respite care and started putting her in adult day care two days a week. Then we hired a caregiver to stay with her in her home rather than ours. Sadly, after a week that did not work out. The caregiver said it was too overwhelming and intense…I wanted to say, “Welcome to my world!”

Thankfully, between Hospice workers, volunteers, paid caregivers, friends, and family we have been able to provide care for everyone. Which is especially helpful this week…my husband and I came down with the flu and I threw my back out last time I helped my grandmother get cleaned up and dressed.

I have noticed since we have been providing care for our loved ones, we seem to get sick more often. Going forward we are going to try and figure out more breaks and rest for us in the midst of it all, because we need to take care of ourselves in order to care for them.


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