A Challenging Week

Although each week has challenges this one was especially difficult. My mother and I made an agreement to not complain during the month of January. So I’ll just “state” what went on this past week…

Last week on my husband’s and my anniversary my mother-in-law woke up with extreme pain in her left leg and had trouble walking. We called her Neurologist and got her an appointment. She had been undergoing tests all month and they had the results back…so we were able to get her leg checked out and get test results in one appointment. The tests confirmed that she has early stage Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s. We then had to take her to urgent care for her leg. After that we to go get an ultra sound done on her leg. (My husband would often whisper, “Happy Anniversary” during all this and remind me that someday we’ll have a “do-over.”). Nothing showed up in the ultra sound and a couple days later her leg thankfully stopped hurting.

My grandparents continue to decline. My grandfather’s Dementia has always been slow moving, meaning the changes have come on slowly over time. My grandmother’s recent strokes have caused all sorts of issues. It has been sad to see the rapid decline in her. It appears she had another stroke yesterday. Two nurses just came over and did an assessment and called the doctor requesting an Hospice order.

Meanwhile in the midst of all this, I got food poisoning and spent a good deal of time hanging out with the “porcelain throne.” My husband had to take over my caregiving duties and also care for me. He is such an amazing man! He also appreciates me and what I do more now that he had to do it for two days.

Now that I am feeling better, I was able to spend time with my grandmother today…

My husband took this picture today of my grandmother and I…I can still make her laugh!

2 thoughts on “A Challenging Week

  1. It sounds like your plate has been very full indeed! So very sorry to hear that you got food poisoning on top of everything else that’s been happening. January has been full of challenges all the way around – for you, me, and a whole lot of others I know too. I just keep counting my blessings for all the wonderful things that shine in my life despite all the tough times, illness, and such that’s been happening. And I count you among those blessings, my dear. Take good care and know you’ve got a huge fan and cheerleader over here sending you love and hugs. (And I adore this photo of your grandmother! What a lovely woman.)

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  2. Hi Kimberly: I’m so very happy that you are writing about your experiences. Writing not only helps us as we move forward throughout the day, but it is also so very important in helping others. The picture of your Grandmother reflects the meaning of ‘Classic Love’. She does indeed know how much she is loved and honored by you and your husband! You and your situation are in my thoughts and prayers!


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