Our Unique Christmas

Our Christmas felt very surreal and like an alternative reality…which it was as we were experiencing Christmas through others’ Dementia.

The following is from an excellent blog:

“Reality isn’t as important as connection….I am pleasantly surprised at how people can connect in a positive way despite not sharing a perception of their relationship and the world around them. I could write pages of transcripts of conversations that would make no sense to outsiders. The sense comes from those of us who choose to connect with people with dementia rather than correct them. I’ve noticed that ironically sometimes those with dementia are choosing to do their same in their interactions with us. Sometimes reality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. We can see the world differently and still connect…I think there’s a lesson there in this age of America.” From: Dementialand

It is all about connection!

My husband and I with my mother-in-law (age 80), my grandmother (age 104), my mother (age 75), and my grandfather (age 99). 

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