Minimalist No More?


My journey into minimalism came slowly over years, many moves (moving stuff around again and again), lots of experiments with less, and a couple “over the ocean type moves” (sell everything, take two suitcases). Finally, just this past May, we bought an RV (a little travel trailer) with plans to live in it and some short term furnished rentals here and there, visit family, and explore the USA! We had gotten down to a small storage unit and no furniture to our name. It felt a lot like FREEDOM! Seven states into our adventure it became apparent that our older family members needed some help. So, we put our RV in storage, rented a house, started buying furniture, and cleaned out our small storage unit.

At first, I was just going for the basics. The house looked very stark and almost empty. In fact, repairmen would ask, “When are you moving in?” And I would answer, “We have.”
Then I realized sometimes “less is less”…I wanted my home to be cozy, warm, and welcoming. I also wanted to decorate for Autumn. Although I felt guilty getting “stuff” after years and years of letting “stuff” go.
Often I’ll get something and get it home and think, “Is this needed? Does it add to the home? Do I love it? Or it is just clutter?” And I return the item(s).
There are some things that we have just for my mother-in-law and her comfort.
In certain areas, I am still very much a minimalist. My closest is still very Project 333. Mostly because it works well for me, why get more than I need and use? In other areas, I feel a sense of freedom…bring on the Fiestaware!
It some ways it feels like not being able to eat gluten for years and then all the sudden it is okay. It has been a very emotional process.

Sometimes I have moments of panic…thinking, “This is too much stuff!” It is more to clean, more to take care of, and more to organize.
Overall though, it feels like balance and feels right for this season. Not sure I have found the exact right balance of enough yet not too much, it is a work in progress!

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