Perspective ~An Oasis in the Desert


Yesterday, I was reading a blog post about someone’s spiritual experience on a beach in Hawaii. And I thought, “It is easy to have a spiritual experience on a beach in Hawaii.” My next thought was, “It is harder to have the same experience in a desert.” Then I caught myself and wondered why I went there in my thoughts. I mean people can have a spiritual experience anywhere! I feel I was equating a spiritual experience to being in a happy place.

Part of me is mourning places I have left to be where I am now. It is an honor and a blessing to be able to provide care for beloved older family members. However, part of me would have preferred to care for them in another place or in another state. A desert is not my favorite place to be, although deserts have their own beauty. I know I am where I need to be for this chapter of my life, but that does not always mean I like it. I decided yesterday to start being grateful for the little things and not focus on the place. And I have so very much to be grateful for!

We picked the place we rented for the location (less than a mile) to my grandparents and mother and for the mother-in-law quarters for my mother-in-law. We did not focus on much else besides those features. Since I crave nature, I did notice the fact that our backyard has trees when so many others in the area do not.

We have been in the house exactly two weeks today. Lots of repairmen in and out…still getting settled..I have not made time to enjoy or appreciate the backyard yet. Today, a plumber was here and needed to go outside in the backyard to see how he was going to fix something. He went outside and just stopped and said, “Wow.” He continued to just look at the backyard and the area outside of our yard.  After about twenty seconds he says, “This is so nice! Green! Trees! Shade!” I realized he also lives somewhere in this desert, often visits various different houses all over the area for his job, and yet was blown away by our backyard. All the sudden I saw it all through his perspective instead of mine. I had been comparing my backyard here to our home on Whidbey Island where I looked out over the Puget Sound…had large trees…bald eagles….was surrounded by nature.

Now I look out over my backyard and see an oasis in the desert, my personal oasis!


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